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Rick Leventhal currently serves as New York-based senior correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC). He joined the network as a correspondent in 1997.

Throughout his career at the network, Leventhal has extensively covered the Middle East. He has traveled to war zones nearly two dozen times, including five trips to Iraq, four to Afghanistan, nine to Israel, two trips to Libya and tours of Albania and Macedonia during the Kosovo War. In 2003, he spent nine weeks in Kuwait and Iraq, embedded with the United States Marine Corps.

Leventhal also played an integral role in the network’s coverage of the 9/11 attacks. On September 11th, 2001, he was one of the first reporters on the scene at the World Trade Center and the first to go live before the Twin Towers fell to the ground. Later that year, he traveled to Bahrain and Afghanistan to cover the launch of the War on Terror, and in 2011 he contributed to the 10-Year Commemoration of 9/11.

Before joining FNC, Leventhal spent a decade as a reporter and anchor in local news markets including, Columbia, SC, Spartanburg, SC, West Palm Beach, FL, Miami, FL and Chicago, IL.

Leventhal is a graduate of American University in Washington, D.C. with a B.A. in broadcast journalism.

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