Fox News' Griff Jenkins sat down with Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum to discuss the ongoing migrant crisis in the Mexican border town, as thousands of migrants have arrived in hopes of crossing into the U.S.

Nearly all the migrants have been hunkering down at an outdoor sports complex within sight of the U.S. border -- a place that is becoming more overcrowded each day.

A delegate in the Tijuana area and an official overseeing that shelter told Fox News on Wednesday there are currently around 6,000 migrants there, 4,000 of which are men. The rest are about split evenly between women and children.

Gastelum told Jenkins that the organizers and leaders of the caravan -- such as immigrant rights group Pueblo Sin Fronteras -- are to blame for the humanitarian crisis.

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"Those are really criminals, because they're dealing with lives, they're dealing with people. ... It's a federal crime," Gastelum said.

He said Tijuana is a "migrant town," but they've never seen anything like this before.

"We've have never, never, never, never had this problem," Gastelum said. "Some of these people are coming in violently, disrespectfully, not as a good, law-abiding citizen. And that's what's hurt us."

He said the migrant crisis is a problem incoming Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador must solve as soon as he gets in office. Gastelum said Tijuana took a financial hit when the border closed for six hours, since people legally cross both ways between Tijuana and San Diego to go to work each day.

Tucker Carlson reported this week that seven in 10 Mexicans do not support the caravan, with many Tijuana residents becoming fed-up with the situation. 

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