Dan Bongino reacted to recent acts of left-wing unrest and violence throughout the country.

Last week, Antifa-type protesters took over some streets in Portland and accosted pedestrians and drivers in the Oregon city.

Over the weekend in Manhattan, N.Y.'s Upper East Side, rioters spray-painted anarchist symbols and started fights in front of the city GOP headquarters.

"We're already seeing it happen," Bongino said of those on the far-left acting out in protest of losing power.

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He noted how multiple Senate Democrats across the country have been facing uphill battles for reelection.

"The left's religion is state power. When they lose state power, they have nothing to fall back on," he said.

He said that the far-left "genuflects at the altar" of government power.

"When they lose that, they erupt," he said.

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