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Laura Ingraham took at aim at former President George W. Bush, who reportedly jokes to friends that the Trump administration makes his presidency "look pretty good" by comparison.

The nation's 43rd president has mostly stayed quiet when it comes to Trump, who openly feuded with his younger brother, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, in the 2016 campaign.

Bush's comments were reported by the National Journal, which stated that Bush wants Trump to succeed but feels his administration is suffering from "self-inflicted" wounds.

In her monologue Tuesday, Ingraham questioned what the former president views as "pretty good" about his two terms.

"Actually it doesn't [look pretty good]. Unless endless wars, a financial crisis, unchecked immigration and leaving office with a 28 percent approval rating is 'pretty good,'" said Ingraham, adding that Bush, a "great guy," is part of the GOP establishment that voters rejected in 2016.

"Repeating the failed policies of the past is getting us nowhere. We've tried your expert ways for decades."

Ingraham said "globalist" Republicans are now blasting the president over his proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, seemingly forgetting that this is what "heartland" voters supported during the 2016 campaign.

"What did the GOP establishment expect after he got elected? That somehow Donald Trump would become like one of them?" she asked.

Watch the full commentary below, as Ingraham takes on the "expert class" over trade, immigration, North Korea and more.

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