It’s been nearly two days since Roy Moore lost Alabama’s special election to Democrat Doug Jones and yet I have yet to see or hear of any Roy Moore supporters skipping work in protest, staging cry-ins, or marching through the streets with stupid hats in the shape of male or female genitalia. Wow, what a refreshing change of pace. 

Here’s the deal, Roy Moore lost. Doug Jones won fair and square and that’s the end of it so instead of acting special like Democratic snowflakes, let’s accept it and figure out how the hell we are going to make sure we don’t lose any more seats. 

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Now despite NOT having an actual working agenda beyond the woman card, the race card, the LGBT card, or the victim card, the Democrat was able to win a state that hasn’t elected a Democratic Senator since 1992. As Republicans, we need to take a good hard look at what happened in Alabama and make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

Let’s call it the Alabama postmortem. Now the Democrats will likely tell us this is Trump’s fault. Shocker. They also tell us church shootings, hurricanes, and wildfires are Trump’s fault, so what else is new? Alabama wasn’t about Trump it was about Roy Moore- let’s be honest, he is probably the worst candidate we could have chosen. And just a reminder, Trump originally endorsed Luther Strange and his numbers went up, so don’t blame this on Trump. 

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In fact, enough with the blame game. That’s a Hillary tactic that we should want no part of. Guess what guys, there is a Democratic wave coming in 2018 and if we sit back and do nothing, we will be crushed. Get it? 

Republicans, get something done. Get tax cuts done. Get Obamacare repealed and replaced. Build the wall. End the immigration lottery. Keep bringing back American jobs and allowing hard-working families keep more of what they earn. That’s how we are going to win. That’s how we are gonna win seats and that’s how we are gonna win for the American people. 

Losers sit back and point fingers while they somehow simultaneously sit on their thumbs and do nothing. Do we want to be losers? Do we want to watch this America First agenda be turned into the Democratic dream of open borders and free things? I sure as hell don’t. Do you want to revert back to the time when the world walked all over us? Let the Blue wave hit and instead of focusing on beating the crap out of ISIS and securing borders, we will be debating how many gender options to offer in public schools. Is that what you want? 

The bitter establishment cling-ons need to get with the freakin’ program and work with the President to get something done. Truth is, the Democrats don’t need to do anything to win in 2018. They just need to sit back and wait for you to break your promises to the American people. Is that what you’re gonna do? Are you gonna let that happen just because you don’t like Trump?  If so, why don’t you follow Jeff Flake’s example and just get the heck out. Winners only. From here on out. Let’s do this. 

Those are my Final Thoughts. From LA, God Bless and take care. 

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