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Laura Ingraham reported that one of Robert Mueller's deputies in his special investigation into President Trump was the personal attorney of a top Obama official and also represented the Clinton Foundation.

In an Ingraham Angle exclusive, Ingraham said Jeannie Rhee was hired by Mueller this past summer to work on the probe.

She formerly worked in the Obama Justice Department as a deputy assistant attorney general in the office of legal counsel - offering advice to the administration.

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Ingraham said Rhee was also the personal attorney for Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser for President Barack Obama.

Rhee also represented the Clinton Foundation and donated $9,000 to Hillary and other Democrats, Ingraham said.

She said Rhee is just the latest member of the Mueller team to show "brazen partisanship."

Ingraham said Rhee worked in private practice with Andrew Weissmann - another Mueller deputy who was criticized this week for sending a perceptibly partisan email to a former top DOJ official.

"What Mueller did was hire a pedigree team of obvious partisans," Ingraham said.

"They should all step aside," she said, "including Bob Mueller."

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