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A woman who alleged that President Clinton raped her in 1978 said she hopes he will be examined as closely as people like Judge Roy Moore (R-Ala.), who have been accused of sexual misconduct.

Broaddrick, a former nursing home administrator, said that Clinton, then the attorney general of Arkansas, sexually assaulted her shortly after she expressed interest in volunteering on his gubernatorial campaign.

In the wake of several accusations of sexual misconduct against Moore, actor Kevin Spacey, producer Harvey Weinstein and others, Broaddrick said she hopes her case will see daylight as well.

"I think, in this situation, we're actually advancing. I think people are starting to believe and realize that I was truly sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton," Broaddrick said.

"We all have the right to be believed," Broaddrick said.

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She also responded to comedian Chelsea Handler, who tweeted that women should "imagine being molested by an older man [referring to allegations against Moore]."

"Then, that man denies ever doing it and goes on and gets elected to the United States Senate," Handler continued.

Ingraham said Broaddrick responded to Handler by effectively tweeting "remember me?"

She told Laura Ingraham that Handler's tweet "enraged" her because not many on the left cite allegations against Clinton.

"I hope they get what's due to them," she said of the Clintons.

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