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Shepard Smith told viewers that New York City made America proud following Tuesday's terror attack in Lower Manhattan.

He pointed out that the 44th annual Village Halloween Parade went on as scheduled just hours after the attack, with one million revelers taking to the streets.

"When I was walking home late last night after work - late - every bar was full, every street was packed," Shep said.

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He said he saw people shaking police officers' hands and thanking them, and officers thanking them in return for not letting a cowardly, evil act change their way of life.

"Last night, there were a lot of families. We saw a lot of older people, senior citizens, and a lot of grandkids, a lot of pets," Shep said. "By the time it was late, it was kind of a Greenwich Village mess."

But, he said, when morning came, the street cleaners were out early, kids were walking to school and people were living their lives.

"New York City was strong and solid and impressive. This city does not bend, not to anyone."

Watch Shep's emotional salute to New York City above.

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