'Will the Server Do Hard Time?': O'Malley Claims Clinton Not Under FBI Probe

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House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes discussed revelations involving the FBI sending a letter to Congress alerting them to a further cache of emails that may be pertinent to the Hillary Clinton email probe.

"To me, this [announcement] has to be a substantial development," Nunes (R-Calif.) said, "I just don't see Director [James] Comey opening this case back up eleven days before the election unless it's quite serious."

"I think after the several meetings that the Congress had with Director Comey-- he was quite clear that the investigation was done and that he would only open it if there was significant information [therein]," Nunes said on Fox News Sunday.

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Nunes also said that it should be reviewed as to whether Clinton and her staff should continue to be given classified briefings--as presidential candidates begin to receive as the election approaches--because of suspicions surrounding her private server investigation:

"It's just not believable that Secretary Clinton, with all of her experience...would not have known that she was looking at--analyzing, communicating in-- classified information over an unsecured network," Nunes said.

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'Will the Server Do Hard Time?': O'Malley Claims Clinton Not Under FBI Probe