WATCH: Sarah Palin Endorses 'Next President' Donald Trump

'She's a Terrific Person': Trump on His Big Endorsement From Palin

Glenn Beck joined Megyn Kelly tonight to explain why he's supporting Ted Cruz in the 2016 presidential race.

Beck said that he's refrained from endorsing a candidate throughout his career because he didn't want to attach is name and reputation to someone.

With Cruz, however, he sees a principled man who stands by his word and never backs down from a fight.

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Beck explained that Cruz has continually stood up, even when no one was standing with him. He said that he appreciates the Texas senator's unwavering conviction.

“He has done the tough thing. He has been David against Goliath in his own party, against the other party, in the media,” Beck said. "People are tired of deal-making, especially when it's not rooted in something."

Watch the "Kelly File" interview in the clips above and below.

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