Katie Pavlich said Sen. Kamala Harris’ proposed executive action on gun control would be “an attack on Second Amendment rights.”

Harris, D-Calif, is expected to pledge at a campaign event in New Hampshire Wednesday that if she’s elected president, she would sign an executive order banning the importation of AR-15-style assault weapons, Politico reported.

"If by my 100th day in office when elected president of the United States, the United States Congress fails to put a bill on my desk to sign with all of the good ideas or any of the good ideas that I'm prepared to take executive action because that's what's needed," Harris said on CNN Sunday.

On “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning, Pavlich, a Fox News contributor, said when Harris talks about “good ideas” to deal with gun violence, she’s really referring to a “gun ban.”

“She’s not talking about safety measures, she’s not talking about giving law enforcement more ability to prosecute people who are using guns incorrectly, people who are already breaking the law,” Pavlich said.

She added that a majority of crimes carried out with guns in the U.S. are committed with handguns, so cracking down on semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 would not actually address the issue.

“Yet we keep hearing this talking point from Democrats like Kamala Harris, that they want to ban this firearm, which is owned by millions of law-abiding Americans,” Pavlich said. “And so it is an attack on Second Amendment rights, and it doesn’t solve the issue that she claims to be going after.”

She said this “talking point” may play well in the Democratic primary, but it won’t be nearly as popular in the general election.

“Of course people want gun safety, of course people want background checks,” Pavlich said. “But when it comes to actually solving problems, taking away the Second Amendment rights of Americans and claiming that you’re solving a problem … that is going to be a problem for her.”

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