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An officer murdered in cold blood, in a parking lot. The War on Cops is real, it’s sick and it’s underreported.

Not on my watch, it’s time for First Thoughts.

Law enforcement officers- the only profession that puts on a badge every single day knowing there is a chance they won’t return home to their families that night. And guess what folks, it’s happening at an alarming rate.

You all probably saw 100 photos of indulgent celebrities prancing around in next to nothing for the Met Gala this week, or you watched the stupid "Bachelorette" special, but I’d be willing to bet none of you saw this story.

Officer McKeithan, a 24 year veteran of the Biloxi Police Department was ambushed and shot to death in the department’s parking lot just after 10pm on Sunday night. The suspect, identified as 19 year old Darian Tawan Atkinson shot the officer multiple times before he fled.

Today we are one step closer to justice, as the suspect was captured late last night. He was seen smiling as police escorted him into headquarters. He will be charged with capital murder.

But enough about that monster. He doesn’t deserve our time. Instead let’s talk about a real man, Officer Robert McKeithen. He, along with four other officers, received the Medal of Valor for saving four children with special needs.

He was also an Air Force vet and planned to retire from the department at the end of the year. He leaves behind a wife, daughter, two stepsons, and a stepdaughter.

Officer Mckeithen treated everyone with respect and dignity, unlike the animal that murdered him in cold blood for no freakin’ reason. Yet, you likely won’t see Darian Tawan Atkinson’s face plastered all over the news. Sadly, you’ll even have those who proudly applaud his cop-killing actions.

This Biloxi officer was targeted in the parking lot outside of police headquarters, at his workplace, and murdered. Think the War on Cops isn’t real? It is. In just the first 18 weeks of this year, 15 officers have been shot to death in the line of duty.

But not one riot, one march, one protest in support of our officers. Not one trendy social media hashtag. And few if any celebrity mentions or thank yous to the men and women who died serving their communities.

That needs to change. And to that monster Darian who took this officer’s life - justice will be served, and to those who helped him, justice will find you too.

You tried to run but you couldn’t hide.

Those are my Final Thoughts. From LA, God bless and take care.