A woman who was harassed with her teenage daughters by a Pennsylvania Democrat outside Planned Parenthood spoke to Tucker Carlson Tuesday night.

State Rep. Brian Sims, whose district is in Philadelphia, recorded himself confronting Ashley Garecht and the young girls outside a Pennsylvania abortion clinic last month.

Garecht explained to Carlson that they were not holding a protest, but "just praying for these women and babies" and were ready to leave when Sims arrived.

"I was concerned for my girls," Garecht said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight".

"I was genuinely trying to enter into just a dialogue with him to try to bring the situation, calm it down a little bit and say to him on film, we are really here just praying for these women and babies."

Garecht said Sims approached them "aggressively," asked why they were protesting abortion rights and then returned with a cell phone to record.

“So, here’s the deal," Sims is heard saying in the video. "I’ve got $100 to anybody who will identify these three, and I will donate to Planned Parenthood."

Sims had posted the video on his Facebook page, but then posted a statement Tuesday, saying " I can do better."

"‪I will fiercely protect a woman’s right to make the best choices for her health & her body, unimpeded. I also know that two wrongs don’t make a right, especially on the front lines of a civil rights battle. I can do better, and I will do better, for the women of Pennsylvania," Sims wrote.

Garecht told Carlson she had no intention of getting involved in an altercation and was "concerned" when Sims demanded to know the names of her daughters. She said they were at the clinic only with "peaceful, prayerful intent."

"When I realized he was not going to enter into any kind of productive dialogue, I thought we will just continue our exit and we will just leave," she said.

Just last week, Sims went on an eight-minute video rant, verbally harassing an elderly woman protesting outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

Watch the full interview above.

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