Trump 2020 campaign senior advisor Lara Trump pushed back after golfer Tiger Woods was criticized for accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Trump. 

“Mr. Woods has made his choice, and part of his legacy will be embracing a man who incited bigotry and racism,” the Baltimore Sun wrote in an editorial Monday, arguing Trump “regularly demonizes minorities and emboldens those who hate.”

Speaking to Shannon Bream, the president’s daughter-in-law defended Woods, saying it's a "shame" that critics are trying to detract from a "great moment."

"I thought it was beautiful. Tiger Woods is the epitome of what people should try to be like in this country. He had a downward spiral. Things were looking a little bad for him. He came back not only on the golf course but in life,” she said of the 15-time major champion and winner of this year's Masters.

Trump honored Woods in the Rose Garden, calling him "a global symbol of American excellence, devotion and drive."

Lara Trump emphasized that the two have known each other for years, well before Trump entered politics. 

"He knows the true Donald Trump, not the one that the mainstream media tries to post up all the time,” she said, accusing the media of promoting a false narrative about her father-in-law.

Watch the full interview above as Trump also discusses criticism of Bill Barr.

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