Tucker Carlson said Thursday that Democrats' attacks on Attorney General Bill Barr are proving that the Trump-Russia story "cannot die."

"CNN, The Washington Post, the Democratic Party, many others have too much invested in that story. The fact it's been proven to be untrue is irrelevant to them," he said, describing Barr as "a handy way to keep Russia in the news."

"Somewhere in the basement of the Democratic National Committee, some messaging consultant has decided that 'credibility' is the most effective line of attack," he pointed out, playing a montage of Senate Democrats attacking Barr's "credibility."

Carlson asked whether Democrats and the media's credibility has suffered after they spent "two full years ginning up hysteria over a bogus story." He went on to show several House Democrats claiming Barr's actions represent a threat to democracy.

"English is the largest language in the history of the world, more nouns, more adjectives, more verbs than any language, ever. And yet night after night, we've managed to find tape of people saying exactly the same thing. It’s almost like it's coordinated," he said.

Carlson then showed video of Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) showing up to the House Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday with a bucket of fried chicken and calling Barr "a chicken" for not testifying.

"How long does this circus continue? And by the way, why is it still in progress? Why hasn't it left town yet?" Carlson asked.

Watch the full monologue above.

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