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Sorry Venezuela, it’s still AMERICA FIRST. 

Things are really bad in Venezuela. Hey kids, that’s what socialism looks like! It’s time for Final Thoughts.

This might very well be a golden opportunity for the people of Venezuela. Lord knows they’ve been put through the ringer in the last 10 years, especially. Why, you ask? That little thing the Democrats glorify called socialism.

How did one of the world’s wealthiest countries descend into a cesspool of poverty, crime, hunger, and high inflation? Socialism!

Why has two thirds of the population lost an average of 24 pounds in body weight? Socialism.

Why do Venezuelan families ration their food supply? Socialism.

It’s a man-made humanitarian crisis with nearly 29 million hungry and impoverished. Now maybe, just maybe, Juan Guaido can work to fix it. That is, if he can drive Maduro out of power. It’s not going to be easy and the opposition will likely ask for help.

Donald Trump has voiced his support. The White House has urged other nations to declare Maduro reelection status fraudulent. More than 50 nations have done so. The White House has already leveraged tough economic sanctions on the Maduro Regime. The Trump Administration has also left all other “options on the table.”

Um, if that means a military intervention, you’ve lost me. How many times do we need to meddle in other countries, particularly in the Middle East and Latin America, before we learn our damn lesson? Of course we want other nations and their people to experience freedom, liberty and capitalism but for us to thrust ourselves and our military into yet another foreign cluster mess would be a huge mistake.

Hello, we have our own problems with poverty, homelessness and national security. Besides all that, we are being invaded at our southern border with an overwhelming number of illegal immigrants busting in each and every single day.

Venezuela, I feel for you. We wish you the best but you’re gonna have to fight your own battle. And President Trump, remember, it’s AMERICA FIRST.

Make it great here, first by dealing with our immigration crisis, then we can talk about carrying the rest of the world’s problems on our back. Until then, let’s focus on our people, problems, poverty, policies, production and protection.


Those are my Final Thoughts. Feel free to disagree. From LA, God bless and take care.


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