Former ICE Director Tom Homan said that President Trump is right to call for Mexico to do more to stop a migrant caravan that is attracting people from around the world.

"They’re not doing enough. Criminal cartels are moving these people to the border and managing their crossing of the border. Cartels push a group of families to one sector, so they can move drugs and bad people to another sector," he explained, adding that smuggling is against Mexican law.

On "Fox & Friends" Thursday, Griff Jenkins reported live from outside a shelter in Tapachula, Mexico, near the Guatemalan border. 

The shelter is housing migrants from more than 10 countries – Cuba, Haiti, Cameroon, Angola, Togo, India, Bangladesh, Congo and Guinea. They joined migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Homan said Congress has failed President Trump "since day one" when it comes to fixing asylum laws and the immigration system. 

"They talk about the president obstructing justice but who is obstructing more than Congress? They’ve obstructed the president since day one. Forget about Congress," said Homan, calling on ICE to seek out and deport family units who have lost their cases before a judge. 

He said there needs to be a surge in immigration judges on the border to hear cases, so those who lose their asylum claim can be deported immediately. Homan also called for temporary facilities to be built by the Defense Department to detain migrants. 

"Right now, they come across the border and get released after an hour," he noted, saying there is "no deterrent" to stop people from joining the caravans. 

Watch the full interview above.

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