Tucker Carlson said the American people should be asking some questions as the United States pushes for the overthrow of Venezuelan socialist leader Nicolas Maduro.

When asked whether a U.S. presence in Venezuela would make any difference, Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) said, "Absolutely. I was down at the Venezuelan border last Wednesday. This is just pure genocide. Maduro is killing his own citizens."

Scott said U.S. military assets should be positioned on the Venezuelan border to provide humanitarian assistance and dismantle barriers erected by Maduro so aid can flow into the country. 

Carlson asked why a U.S. military deployment is being considered by lawmakers, but the idea of sending troops to our own border is seen as "crazy."

"They are happy to send our military to South America at the first sign of chaos. But send U.S. troops to our own border to stem the tide of a hundred thousand uninvited arrivals a month? 'No way,' they tell us. 'That is crazy talk!'" he said.

Carlson asked when the United States last "successfully meddled in the political life of another country," bringing up Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria and asking how a new "democracy" in Venezuela would turn out differently.

He cited one study that estimated the collapse of the Venezuelan government would produce 8 million refugees, many of whom would come to the United States.

Carlson asked if the country is prepared for such an influx, and said those who oppose U.S. intervention in these instances are labeled "isolationists, the single most immoral of all worldviews."

Watch the full monologue above.

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