Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign launch was "a little old-fashioned," especially the touting of a labor union endorsement.

After announcing his run last week, the Scranton, Pa., native made his first campaign speech at a Teamsters hall in Pittsburgh Monday and received an endorsement from the International Association of Fire Fighters. 

"The stock market is roaring. But you don’t feel it. There was a $2 trillion tax cut last year. Did you feel it? Did you get anything from it?" Biden asked, as the audience chanted "No" in response. 

He made the case that the middle-class is still struggling and wages remain stagnant despite the economic strength of the last few years.

Responding on "Fox News @ Night," Hume said labor unions don't have the sway they once had in American politics and Biden's launch felt "a little archaic."

"Labor unions don't have the membership they once had and they don't have the clout in politics they once had," he said, adding "we'll see" whether Biden's message resonates with voters.

Hume said before he gets to the general election, where Pennsylvania will be crucial, Biden must first get through the primaries and caucuses. He said Biden's pitch to the party is that he has the support of blue-collar workers and can defeat Trump in the Rust Belt in 2020. 

Watch the full segment above, including Hume's response to an anti-Semitic cartoon in the New York Times' international print edition.

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