Tucker Carlson said Thursday that automation and AI could eliminate millions of American jobs and only one Democrat is bringing it up.

The issue has been central to the campaign of entrepreneur Andrew Yang, who has also proposed a $1,000-per-month universal basic income to address the predicted job losses.

"I want somebody to tell the truth about it," Carlson said on "Fox News @ Night," adding that he'd be open to voting for someone like Yang who "thinks deeply" about a critical issue like automation.

Carlson said the issue is "completely real" and will also affect sectors of white-collar America, like the medical and legal industries. He said at the same time, millions of people are coming into the United States, filling jobs that may not even exist in five to 10 years.

"Nobody's talking about it, cuz 'Russia!'" he said.

Yang has argued that millions of U.S. truck drivers will be put out of work in the coming years once self-driving vehicle technology becomes adequate to replace humans behind the wheel.

Watch the full interview above for more from Tucker on the crowded 2020 field. Check out Tucker's interview with Yang below.

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