Tucker Carlson and Piers Morgan weighed in Tuesday on Sen. Bernie Sanders' support for felons being allowed to vote from prison. 

During a CNN town hall, Sanders said felons in prison should be able to vote, even violent criminals and terrorists like the Boston Marathon bomber. Sen. Kamala Harris later said "we should have that conversation," but on Wednesday she clarified, saying murderers "should be deprived of their rights."

"I couldn't really believe what I was hearing," said Morgan, a former CNN host and DailyMail.com editor-at-large, calling the idea "utter lunacy." 

He expressed disbelief that any Democrats could support such a proposal and believe they can defeat President Trump in 2020. 

Morgan, a strong gun control advocate, asked whether Democrats would then also agree that convicted felons should be allowed to buy a gun after their release.

"Why aren't they campaigning at the same time for felons to have the constitutional right to own and buy a gun?" he argued, making clear he would not support such an idea.

Carlson said Democrats essentially don't trust convicted felons "to go deer hunting" but are OK with them choosing the next president.

"What they're really saying is 'we don't care at all about anything. We're nihilists, all we want is power and if we see a reservoir of potential voters, we're gonna tap that reservoir,'" he said. 

Watch the discussion above and Tucker's monologue below. 

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