Fox News legal analyst and "Russia Hoax" author Gregg Jarrett said Hillary Clinton's comments on Special Counsel Robert Mueller's findings shows "breathtaking" hypocrisy.

Speaking at the "Time 100 Summit" Tuesday, the former secretary of state said Mueller's report "could not be clearer" in making the case that President Trump tried to obstruct the investigation. She said if Trump were not president, he'd have been indicted. 

"I think there’s enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted. But because of the rule in the Justice Department that you can’t indict a sitting president, the whole matter of obstruction was very directly sent to the Congress," she said, adding it's too early to call for impeachment. 

Clinton said Congress must conduct its own investigations on whether "high crimes and misdemeanors have been committed."

Jarrett and Sean Hannity called out Clinton's "glass house" comments, pointing out her alleged obstruction by deleting emails from her private server.

"If she was smart, and she's not, she'd put a sock in it," said Jarrett, adding that it's unwise for Clinton to criticize Attorney General Bill Barr, who could choose to reopen the probes into her email server and the Uranium One deal. 

Hannity noted that Barr specifically said the decision not to pursue an obstruction case was based on the evidence, not DOJ policy against indicting a president. 

Watch the full discussion above and Sean's monologue below. 

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