In a Fox Nation interview with David Webb, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said "Medicare-for-All" will "bankrupt" the United States and have a detrimental effect on rural Americans' access to care.

"It sounds great, but buyer beware. When you hear the phrase 'government insurance' you can't just hear 'insurance,' you must hear the word 'government.' They will be more involved," said Conway, cautioning that the program won't be paid for just by higher taxes on the wealthy.

Conway questioned why 2020 Democrats are not running on ObamaCare, calling it a "bad deal" for the country with a flawed premise.

Webb said Democrats have not been able to make an effective economic argument for "Medicare-for-All."

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) defended his "Medicare-for-All" proposal at a Fox News town hall event last week.

Sanders said people will pay more in taxes, but the "overwhelming majority" will pay less for health care because they will not be paying deductibles or co-pays to a private carrier.

He likened his health care proposal to the way other countries provide education.

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