Melissa Francis asked House Democrat David Cicilline (R.I.) Monday about the split in the Democratic Party about whether to pursue the impeachment of President Trump. 

Francis also pressed Cicilline on whether he is worried that voters will side with Trump on his repeated claims of "presidential harassment" by Democrats. 

Trump's lawyers have sued to block a subpoena from Congress for his business and financial records. In seeking the documents, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, cited the February testimony of Michael Cohen, who claimed the president inflated or deflated the value of his assets when it would benefit him.

Cicilline said Democrats must perform their required oversight of the executive branch, while also taking on issues that Americans care about, such as prescription drug costs. 

He said the Mueller report laid out "ample evidence" of obstruction of justice, which if proven, would be an "impeachable offense."

Cicilline said Democrats must be "judicious" about the next steps, including holding hearings about the obstruction issue. 

"The report is disturbing, very damning about the president's conduct. ... There is a lot there to be really concerned about," he said, pointing to evidence of Trump lying, encouraging others to lie and instructing then-White House counsel Don McGahn to remove Mueller.

Mueller's report stated that McGahn refused the request in June 2017, later telling an associate that Trump had asked him to do "crazy s***."

Cicilline said Mueller's report makes it clear that Trump would have been charged for obstruction if not for the DOJ policy against indicting a sitting president. 

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