Timothy Cardinal Dolan, the archbishop of New York, offered an update of the Notre Dame cathedral fire and expressed that this Easter weekend should bring hope to all in the wake of the tragedy.

Dolan said that people of all faiths and no faiths are rallying around the 800-year-old cathedral in Paris, adding that Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone is joining with him to start a "St. Patrick's to Notre Dame" fundraising effort.

Dolan is a celebrant at the Midtown Manhattan cathedral.

As Christians and Jews celebrate Christ's Passion and Passover respectively, Dolan said that both events are representative of good "rising" in the world.

"What Spring is to nature -- new life, green, hope, more light... -- Easter is to Supernature. We need this deep down. We are constantly going through dying and rising," Dolan said.

He noted that the "Fox & Friends" hosts routinely have the duty to report bad news when it happens.

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"You see evil, you see violence, you see lies. We need to be reminded that there's rising that goes on as well."

"Jesus died, he rose. The people of Israel were dying in Egypt, they rose to new life in Israel after the Passover," he added.

Dolan said that in the wake of the Notre Dame fire, President Trump called him to express condolences, citing the importance of the French cathedral to those of the Catholic faith.

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