"The Five" reacted Thursday after the release of the redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report, which did not identify Trump-Russia collusion or criminal instances of obstruction of justice by President Trump. 

Mueller's report exposed disagreements involving Trump's inner circle over the investigation and the president's efforts to curtail it.

The report also depicted an array of controversial actions and requests made by the president that were examined as part of an obstruction inquiry.

Dan Bongino said the report is a "disgrace," was written by a "team of Democrats" and omits some key facts around the collusion narrative. 

"The president was fully vindicated. Any rational person reading that knows it," he said.

Democrat Marie Harf said Mueller made it clear he could not reach a judgment on obstruction of justice, but clearly outlines a case to be pursued by Congress. 

"I think we should have higher standards for our president than whether things are illegal," she argued, also pointing to the many contacts between Russians and people connected to the Trump campaign. 

Greg Gutfeld said Attorney General Bill Barr's summary letter a few weeks ago was a "spoiler alert" for Thursday's release, but the media seemed to believe the ending would be different. 

Later in the show, Gutfeld delivered a monologue on the "fantasy" narrative put forth by the media in recent years. 

"Their hearts, careers and pocketbooks rested on Trump being a Russian spy. ... The worst part is the media would have preferred if the president had been a Russian stooge, even if it destroyed a country," he said.