Rep. Eric Swalwell said Friday there "was certainly evidence of collusion" between President Trump and Russia, but that Special Counsel Robert Mueller deemed such evidence insufficient for the "beyond a reasonable doubt" legal standard.

He said Attorney General Barr acted like "the president's lawyer" and that an attorney general should represent the people, not the president.

Swalwell said Barr should not have been confirmed and should have recused himself from the Mueller probe after previously writing that a sitting president cannot obstruct justice.

Banderas asked if Democrats would react the same way if Hillary Clinton were president and there was a similar scandal over her private email server.

She cited a tweet from Clinton's 2016 campaign aide Brian Fallon: 

She noted how Clinton was accused of destroying thousands of emails and sending classified information through a private server.

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"She's not president," Swalwell said. "Honestly, we've got our hands full with this guy who's president. I wish Hillary Clinton was president, but she's not."

Banderas asked again if Swalwell believed that Clinton would be held to a similar standard as Trump.

Watch the full interview above.

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