President Trump reacted triumphantly Thursday morning after Attorney General William Barr spoke to reporters about the release of the redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report.

Speaking at the White House at an event to honor Wounded Warriors, Trump remarked that he was "having a good day."

"It was called 'no collusion, no obstruction.' And never was, by the way, and there never will be," he declared, drawing some laughs and applause from the crowd in the East Room. 

"But I say in front of my friends, this should never happen to another president again. This hoax. This should never happen to another president again."

Mueller's report exposed disagreements involving Trump's inner circle over the investigation and the president's efforts to curtail it.

The report, which Barr previously summarized in a short letter, showed that investigators did not find evidence of collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russians. But the report also depicted an array of controversial actions and requests made by the president that were examined as part of an obstruction inquiry.

Watch the full clip above and read the full Mueller report, here.

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