House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows said Thursday that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff should "fess up" to the fact he "didn't have what [evidence] he said he had" of Trump-Russian collusion.

Meadows, of North Carolina, told Neil Cavuto that Schiff has said for most of President Trump's term that he had evidence of collusion.

At a press conference in Burbank, Calif., Schiff said that "the facts that are now established by this [Mueller] report are damning."

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Schiff added that whether or not the findings "should have resulted in the indictment of the president or people around him, they are damning and we should call for better from our elected officials."

Meadows said those sentiments sounded like "a different Adam Schiff than who's been on every Sunday [cable news] show."

He said Schiff should "fess up to the American people that he didn't have what he said he had."

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