Following the release of the Mueller report, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said Democrats like Rep. Adam Schiff should "put up or shut up."

Schiff (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has been one of President Trump's most outspoken critics, even going so far as claiming that there is evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller's findings to the contrary.

"The Democrats -- and their friends in the mainstream media -- put so much into this. They've invested so much into this. ... They got nothing," Conway said.

She noted that she was the first person to call for Schiff's resignation for "peddling a lie day after day" about collusion.

"I'm going to double down on that. Not only should he resign, he should produce the evidence that he says he has," Conway said. "He ought to put up or shut up."

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