Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said that despite the findings of the Mueller report, released with redactions on Thursday, some top Democrats will continue to claim President Trump colluded with Russia.

2020 presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) called on Attorney General Bill Barr to resign after his press conference on the report earlier in the day.

Hume called the idea "absurd" and said there is "no basis" for Barr, who also served as attorney general to President George H.W. Bush, to resign.

"Swalwell is a collusion 'truther', as is Adam Schiff," Hume said, mentioning the name of the House Intelligence Committee chairman.

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Hume said that Schiff is "so invested in this theory" of collusion" that has been pretty, completely exploded."

"In some precincts, [Schiff's] persistence in this matter has gained him some ground politically."

Hume said that, when it comes to the 2020 election discussions, "collusion is out the window."

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