Bret Baier asked Thursday whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team had already concluded prior to the 2018 midterm elections that there was no collusion between Team Trump and Russia.

"Could that [if true] have had an effect?" he asked.

Democrats flipped the House in 2018, with many candidates mentioning the cloud of uncertainty then hanging over the New York Republican.

"The definitive nature in which [Attorney General William Barr] talked about all elements of the look into collusion and conspiracy with the Russians -- that there was none -- no American, no member of the Trump campaign [involved]. I assume with him saying that that the report will back him up 100 percent," Baier said.

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"Did they know [that] months before today?" he asked, noting that Mueller would not have just recently concluded that there was no collusion.

Bill Hemmer added that the Mueller proceedings "consum[ed]" the District of Columbia for nearly two years.

"Still is," Baier remarked, from the Washington bureau, likening it to a "Sword of Damocles" hanging over the Trump administration. 

Watch more above and see Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani's response below.

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