In her First Thoughts on Fox Nation Friday morning, Tomi Lahren said Sen. Bernie Sanders is hypocritical for railing against the "one percent" for years but remaining unapologetic after it was revealed that he himself is a millionaire.

During a Fox News town hall Monday, Sanders (I-Vt.) urged President Trump to release his tax returns — the same day the Vermont senator released 10 years of his tax information.

The 77-year-old's tax documents confirmed Sanders is a millionaire, who made more than $1 million in 2016 and 2017. His adjusted gross income in 2018 was $561,293, and he paid a 26 percent effective tax rate.

"That's a lot of money ... it came from a book that I wrote. [It's] a pretty good book, you might want to read it," said Sanders during the opening of the town hall, adding that he wasn't going to apologize for having a best-seller.

Lahren noted that when Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked why he's holding onto his wealth rather than refusing deductions or writing a check to the Treasury Department, Sanders said he paid the taxes he owed and called on Trump to release his tax returns.

"Hey, Bernie, this isn't about Donald Trump," Lahren said. "Donald Trump believes in capitalism, earning and allowing all Americans -- even you -- to keep more of what they earn and use it the way they see fit, not the D.C. swamp rats who use it on stupid pork projects, illegals, entitlements and bloated government."

She lamented that "what about Trump" will be a common refrain from 2020 Democratic presidential candidates throughout the campaign.

"As this campaign rolls on, the Democrats will all be exposed for what they are: socialists, hypocrites and agenda-less, pandering, big government wannabe celebrity hacks."

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