Seema Verma, the administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in President Trump's administration, said that "Medicare-For-All" proposals are the "biggest threat to the American health care system."

Verma said that such plans effectively "strip people of their private health insurance" and instruct the government to "make decisions about everyone's health care."

She said that in other countries where nationalized health care exists, people encounter longer wait times and poor quality care.

Brian Kilmeade asked Verma about senior citizens who say they like Medicare, and why putting everyone on the system is a bad idea.

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Verma said the Medicare system is designed "specifically" for those it is intended to serve, like seniors. 

"[People] are going to have to compete to get care," she said of a socialized health care system.

Verma said that another consequence of the plan, championed by presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, is that it "could be an incredible threat to innovation" and biotech activity.

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