Media reporter Joe Concha appeared on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday to explain how Pete Buttigieg has become the press' "it" candidate.

Concha noted that Buttigieg -- the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana -- was mentioned in more than 660 clips last week across Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, a 68 percent jump over the week before.

"He checks off a lot of boxes," he said. "He is a Harvard grad, Rhodes scholar, Afghan War vet, openly gay, exceptionally articulate, classic pianist, fluent in French, and he's not gaffe-prone."

He said that represents a great package from a media perspective, which is why Buttigieg is "a lot of sizzle right now."

Concha said Buttigieg is excellent at speaking in "generalities," but he would like to see the candidate asked tough questions on his specific policy positions on taxes, immigration and climate change.

"Once you peel the onion ... I'm curious to see if Pete Buttigieg will be as popular as he is now."

Watch the "Fox & Friends" clip above.

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