Brian Kilmeade said 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker "noticed that there is an issue at the [U.S.-Mexico] border" and that it was refreshing to hear a Democratic candidate publicly take that position.

Speaking at a campaign event in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, Booker said that "we do have a problem at the southern border [and] Democrats should not deny that we don't."

However, Booker was cautious to distinguish his view on the matter from President Trump's, saying that the New York Republican's planned "technologies [don't] work," in that we "do not need a wall coast-to-coast."

"Nations should have borders, borders should be respected," said Booker, formerly the mayor of Newark, New Jersey.

"Finally, a Democrat who wants to be president, has noticed that there is an issue at the border," Kilmeade said of Booker's remarks.

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Kilmeade said that other Democrats have accused Trump of "making up" stories about migrant caravans and dire circumstances along the border.

He added that Democrats "can't have it every way" on illegal immigration, after sanctuary municipality leaders like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio slammed the president's idea that overflow populations of migrants should be relocated to their cities and states.

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