Indiana radio host Tony Katz reacted to the debate over President Trump's idea that illegal immigrants and asylum seekers that are unable to be housed at the border should be sent to sanctuary cities.

Katz noted that facilities along the border are nearing capacity and that new buildings will have to be constructed unless Congress acts on meaningful immigration reform.

"If it's me [in charge], I'm building them in the hometowns of Democratic candidates for president," he said.

As examples, Katz cited Cory Booker's hometown of Newark, N.J., Pete Buttigieg's hometown of South Bend, Ind., and Bernie Sanders' hometown of Burlington, Vt.. 

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"Let [the Democratic candidates] go on the record," he said, responding to Sanders saying at a Fox News town hall Monday night that more facilities must be built on the border.

Sanders told Martha MacCallum that the U.S. "has a serious problem at the border" with "desperate people fleeing violence and misery." He said the "system is overflowing" and suggested more immigration judges be added to the rolls to adjudicate immigration cases.

When MacCallum asked Sanders whether sanctuary cities should accept more migrants, the Vermont senator replied that it was "not a real question" and that the sanctuary city transfer proposal is "a political act by the president."

Watch more above from "The Daily Briefing" and watch more from the town hall below.

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