Reacting to Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) Fox News Channel town hall event in Pennsylvania, Lisa Boothe said President Trump's "saving grace" against the democratic socialist's candidacy is the strong economy.

Against the backdrop of shuttered blast furnaces of the defunct Bethlehem Steel Corp. still lining the Lehigh River's shore, Sanders spoke of his populist message of Medicare for All and higher taxes on the wealthy.

"The danger of Bernie Sanders and his movement are that a lot of these policies on their face are popular with the American people," Boothe said on "Outnumbered."

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Boothe said that while the left-wing ideas of Sanders and other 2020 Democrats are popular with much of the electorate, President Trump can still point to the strong economy. 

"Trump's best saving grace is to have a strong economy," she said, adding that voters may be wary of changing direction under a left-wing president.

Boothe said she believes Sanders is still generating the most excitement in the crowded field. 

Harris Faulkner added that although the Democratic Party routinely touts diversity, Sanders is sandwiched between Joe Biden and South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg in recent polls.

Democrat Jessica Tarlov said Buttigieg is making a "big splash" in recent weeks and the surge of an openly gay candidate is a "big deal."

Watch the full discussion above and more from the town hall event below.

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