Former independent counsel Ken Starr joined Shannon Bream on "Fox News @ Night" to discuss the looming release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report, which he said has become "so politicized."

Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec told Fox News on Monday the report would be made available -- with redactions -- Thursday morning to lawmakers and to the public.

The news comes despite mounting calls from Democrats to first release the report to Congress without redactions.

Starr said that Attorney General William Barr has handled the release of the report "beautifully" and "by the book," despite extensive criticism from some Democratic lawmakers and others who objected to his summary of Mueller's findings -- which Barr said was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion and no determination on obstruction of justice.

Bream noted that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said on CNN Sunday that the House Judiciary Committee must be given the full, unredacted report and underlying documents, and the committee will decide what is released to the public.

"It may be that Mueller decided not to prosecute for obstruction of justice for various reasons -- that there wasn't proof beyond a reasonable doubt of some things. But there still may have been some proof of some very bad deeds and very bad motives, and we need to see that," Nadler said.

Starr said it's unfortunate that the Mueller report has become so politicized, and he cannot even understand the argument that President Trump somehow obstructed justice.

"There was no firing of Bob Mueller, there was no sealing off of his office -- that happened in Watergate -- there was complete, as far as we know, cooperation with the investigation, thousands of documents turned over to the investigation, the counsel to the president testified for 30 hours," Starr said. 

"This is honestly unheard-of," he concluded. "There was not only not obstruction, as I see it, given what we know, there was the antithesis [of] obstruction. It was complete cooperation. Lots of nasty language, but complete cooperation."

Watch the "Fox News @ Night" above.

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