On the day after Tax Day, Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "Fox Nation" that if "aggression" against one's private property is theft, then "taxation is theft."

Napolitano said that the American Revolution was started, in part, due to an outcry over taxation from the British Crown.

Today, he said, people see the government as "out of control," as the "income tax feeds its wildness."

In New York, Napolitano's home state of New Jersey, as well as places like Chicago and San Francisco, the judge said the effective tax rate is above 50 percent.

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He said that the contemporary income tax system began under Democratic President Woodrow Wilson. The former New Jersey governor approved of the feds taking what Napolitano estimated to be three percent on earnings over $10,000 -- or $150,000 in today's dollars.

"One wonders what the framers would think of our tax burden today," he said. 

"If you own your own body, if you own what you produce with your body. ... If aggression against your property is theft, then taxation is theft," Napolitano said.

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