On Fox Nation, Tomi Lahren called out Democrats for creating an environment in America where a top NFL prospect felt the need to delete his pro-Trump tweets.

Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa, who may be selected #2 overall by the 49ers in the upcoming draft, said that "there's a chance I might end up in San Francisco," so he deleted a sizable portion of his Twitter feed.

"If you’re an anti-American crybaby kneeler on the field, you can be proud of your message but if you support the president and conservative values off the field, you have to cleanse your Twitter so you don’t offend anyone," Lahren said of the situation.

"That's a load of B.S.," she added. "Yeah, forget the needles and feces littering the city, the most offensive thing in San Francisco would be a pro-Trump patriot."

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Lahren said Bosa 'liked' several of her tweets and referred to President Donald Trump as a G-O-A-T -- a contemporary acronym for "greatest of all time" -- and called former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick "a clown."

Lahren remarked that she agreed with both sentiments, and noted that Kaepernick, who began a movement to protest the national anthem, only remains unemployed because he's not "good enough to be a start[ing quarterback]."

"If [Bosa] would've just 'liked' Hillary Clinton's tweets, I don't think anybody would've had a problem with that," Lahren said.

To Bosa, she said, "we [Trump supporters] watch football too, and we would've had your back 100 times over. Best of luck in your career and ... M.A.G.A."

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