"Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace said Friday that it is "absolutely legitimate" to raise questions about the federally-warranted surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016.

Wallace was responding to criticism of Attorney General Bill Barr by Democrats  for saying at a hearing this week that "spying" occurred.

"This is highly charged, politically," Wallace said. "Obviously, Democrats are upset that the Mueller report doesn't seem to have found more dirt [on President Trump]."

He said that it is a good question as to "whether or not surveillance of the Trump campaign was legitimate."

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Wallace said Barr may have "gotten ahead of himself" by using the term "spying," rather than "surveillance."

"The word 'spy' is charged and I think Barr realized that," he said, noting Barr later explained he wanted to review whether the surveillance was properly handled.

He said it was interesting to see Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a vestige of the Sessions era, come out in defense of Barr.

Wallace said Rosenstein told critics that Barr is being "as forthcoming as he can" be regarding the Mueller report.

"Everybody has their own set of facts," Wallace said.

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