Thomas Sowell joined Greg Gutfeld on "Fox Nation" and talked about the push by 2020 Democrats' for reparations for the descendants of slaves.

Sowell said that it's "not going to happen" and that if Democrats truly push the issue in the election, "it will polarize the country."

He said the "net result" will be an embittered American people at odds with one another.

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Gutfeld asked Sowell, an author, economist and Hoover Institution fellow, how reparations would work in practice.

"It simply cannot be done," Sowell said, calling reparations another left-wing "idea that sounds so wonderful [that] people never stop to ask 'can we actually do this'."

Sowell said that the left tries to tax the wealthy and middle class as much as they can in order to supposedly benefit the poor. He pointed to the financial success of Cuban-Americans who escaped Communist Cuba.

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