Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said Attorney General William Barr blew up Democrats' conspiracy theories about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report and alleged Trump-Russia collusion.

Barr testified Tuesday before a congressional subcommittee, and faced Democratic lawmakers who blasted him for what they called his "unacceptable" handling of the initial summary of Mueller's report.

In a fiery opening statement, House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) accused Barr of seeming to "cherry pick" from the report to "draw the most favorable conclusion possible for the president" in releasing the four-page summary last month on its findings.

Other Democrats made similar comments on Barr's decisions related to the review of Mueller’s probe, which, according to Barr, found no evidence of collusion and did not make a determination on obstruction of justice. Barr has said a redacted version of Mueller's report will be made available to lawmakers in the coming days.

On his program Tuesday, Limbaugh said Democrats are being "driven mad," and they cannot accept that there is no Trump-Russia collusion nor a conspiracy at the Justice Department to cover it up.

"They’re operating from a contrived conspiracy borne and supported by fake news, and they can’t give it up for whatever reasons," Limbaugh said.

"So whether they’re acting it out or whether this is genuinely them is in the end irrelevant because public consumption is what it is, and they are not scoring any points, they are not making any headway, they are not helping to persuade the American people that there’s been any kind of a cover-up here whatsoever."

Watch former DOJ lawyer Hans Von Spakovsky react to the Barr hearing below.

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