Jesse Watters said the media and Democratic Party are "colluding" in their quest to undermine President Trump at the expense of the country, as they "distort the reality" of the border crisis.

Watters disagreed with Juan Williams, who said Trump "cried wolf" on the border crisis until an even larger flood of illegals and migrants came through it in recent weeks.

Williams said that Trump accentuated the problem in a "humanitarian" sense by proposing a wall and cutting aid to unhelpful Central American countries.

Watters asked Williams how many migrants the United States economy is willing to absorb.

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"How many unskilled workers? The media doesn't want to talk about it." he said. "[Migrants] don't go to gated communities, they go to blue collar neighborhoods [and hurt] real estate prices and school districts [and] wages."

"They don't want to cover the crisis... they distort it," Watters added.

He said that by colluding with the Democrats, the media allows the party to not act on pressing issues.

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