Tucker Carlson said new comments by former President Barack Obama and Sen. Bernie Sanders show how far to the left some Democrats have moved on immigration and border security. 

Speaking in Berlin over the weekend, Obama suggested some on the left have gone too far with accusations of racism against the other side. 

Obama said:

I worry sometimes when, as we think about how to deal with the immigration issue, we think that any moves towards assimilation of the existing newcomers to the existing culture is somehow a betrayal. Should we want to encourage newcomers to learn the language of the country they are moving to? Of course. Does that mean they can never use their own language? No. Of course it doesn't mean that. But it's not racist to say, 'Ah, if you're going to be here, then you should learn the language of the country you just arrived at.'

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Carlson said it used to be a generally accepted fact that countries must have borders, but now it's considered a form of "hate speech" by some. 

"Only under the reign of the modern left has it become forbidden to say what is true about immigration and a hundred other topics. But the truth itself has not changed. It won't. Hysteria doesn't make facts disappear," he said. 

Meantime, at an event Sunday in Iowa, Sanders pushed back on a member of the audience who referred to him as "an advocate for open borders."

"If your point is you open the borders, my God, you know, there is a lot of poverty in this world, you are going to have people from all over the world. And I don't think that's something that we can do at this point. Can't do it," the 2020 presidential candidate responded. 

Carlson said instead of being accused of racism for his comment, perhaps Sanders "cares about what happens to America," as all of our elected leaders should. 

"We don't elect them to improve Mexico, or China or Europe -- no offense against those countries. We put them in office so they will look out for this country and us. ... More than anything, Americans want secure borders. But they're not getting any of that -- and so resentment is building. And why wouldn't it?"

Watch the full monologue above.

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