Tomi Lahren said Monday on Fox Nation's "Deep Dive" that the oft-overlooked victims of illegal immigration are the cities and working communities that the illegals end up moving into.

"They're not going to Beverly Hills or to Nancy Pelosi's backyard," Lahren said.

Lahren, who lives in California, said that many communities of illegal immigrants have cropped up in impoverished areas like Compton and Englewood. 

She said that the children of American citizens living there have the most to lose from the illegal immigrant problem.

Lahren said significant resources, particularly in education, are often diverted to help the children of illegal immigrants when struggling American families could use them instead.

"Those kids are at the most disadvantage," she said.

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Journalist Sara Carter echoed Lahren, saying that her own daughter was once in an elementary school in that part of the country, and was one of only a few English speaking families.

Carter said that at one school event, many of the children were given "U.N.-style translating devices" so that they could understand what was being said.

"Assimilation doesn't occur," author Chris Buskirk added.

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