Former CBS News foreign correspondent Lara Logan said she was "cheering" when retired news anchor Ted Koppel called out the mainstream media's clear anti-Trump bias. 

The former ABC News "Nightline" host spoke recently about The New York Times and Washington Post specifically, saying they do not cover Trump like they covered past presidents.

"We’re talking about organizations that I believe have, in fact, decided as organizations that Donald J. Trump is bad for the United States. We have things appearing on the front page of the New York Times right now that never would have appeared 50 years ago," Koppel said. 

Speaking to Mark Levin on Fox News, Logan said she has noticed the same thing, pointing out similar comments by former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson, who said the Times' news coverage has become "unmistakably anti-Trump."

"I know I'm not a lone ranger. I know I'm not the only one that remembers what great independent journalism is supposed to look like. I know I'm not the only journalist who is watching in horror as opinion and pejorative language is passed off as fact," said Logan. 

She said anonymous sources are being given "complete cover to do political assassinations" and some journalists are working "hand in hand with propaganda groups."

Logan said she believes more and more Americans on both sides "know in their guts ... that something is not right" with the news coverage of the Trump administration.

Levin said Fox News is constantly being attacked because the left "cannot tolerate even one platform that will not do the dance."

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