Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said that top Democrats Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff continue to claim President Trump colluded with Russia without showing any proof.

Bongino said Nadler (N.Y.) and Schiff (Calif.) have become "discredited" after Attorney General William Barr announced that Robert Mueller found no collusion in his exhaustive investigation of Trump and his associates.

On Sunday, Nadler claimed there is evidence of "open collusion with Russia," and Schiff said that there is "ample evidence" of such "in plain sight."

Bongino said the Russia dossier, compiled by a former MI6 agent, was a "hoax" perpetrated on the FISA court to procure permission to spy on Trump.

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"It may have had information that was completely untrue," Bongino said, adding that target Carter Page and Trump associate George Papadopoulos are likely "entirely innocent."

He said that the dossier's funders "conspired to keep [exculpatory evidence] out of the FISA" warrant application.

Bongino said the biggest force still pushing the collusion narrative are "conspiracy theory hacks" like Nadler and Schiff.

Bongino added that if the two committee chairmen wanted to pursue evidence of foreign collusion, he suggested they look at President Obama instead.

"Collusion is real, it's just with the Democrats," he said.

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