Steve Hilton laid out why Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist, is misguided in his historical defenses of the Soviet Union.

Hilton played a video from 1988 in which Sanders (I-Vt.) speaks glowingly of life in Moscow. The USSR did not fall until 1991.

Sanders said that he was impressed by the public transit system, complimenting their chandeliers and "beautiful" stations.

He said the transportation system was also very effective.

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Hilton pointed out that the public transit system was "literally built by slave labor from the Gulag."

"But, at least it had nice chandeliers."

Hilton also noted that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) ripped the Mexican-American border wall as akin to the Berlin Wall.

However, he illuminated the fact the Berlin Wall was meant to keep people from escaping socialism in East Germany, while Trump's wall would control the entry of people who want to participate in America's capitalist economy.

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